What are prop bets?


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Proposition bets, or prop bets for short, are a type of bet that focuses on specific events or occurrences within a game. That means prop bets typically ignore the final outcome of the game and instead, the bets are related to individual player performances, team statistics, or other random in-game events that can occur. Proposition bets are very popular in the world of online sports betting since it makes the game much more exciting to watch. There are other events to look forward to, other than just the final score of the game.

Generally, prop bets can be placed in one of two categories: player props and team or game props. Player props are bets based on individual performances of players during a game. For example, you may see a prop bet for total passing yards for Patrick Mahomes: over/under 300.5 yards. In this prop bet, you’d be placing a wager on whether Mahomes will go over or under 300.5 yards passing in that game. A team or game prop bet however, is based on team statistics or an event that can happen during the game. Popular team or game prop bets include which team scores first or whether a safety will happen in a game.

One of the most important things to know about prop bets is that they can vary greatly from sportsbook to sportsbook. So it’s best to “shop” around different online betting sites for each game to find the best prop bets that appeal to you. We always recommend having an account on multiple different online betting sites, this way you’re able to check odds across various sportsbooks — who knows, you might even run into an arbitrage betting opportunity.

How much do prop bets typically pay out?

The payout for a proposition bet can vary widely since there are so many different possible prop bets, especially in the NFL. Generally, prop bets with higher perceived probability or less uncertainty will have lower odds. Those that are considered less likely to occur will have higher odds. The odds are typically expressed in moneyline format, fractional format, or decimal format. Your payout can be calculated based on the odds and the amount you’re wagering. Let’s use an example to better illustrate the payout for a hypothetical prop bet:

Total rushing yards for Derrick Henry: Over 100.5 yards (+110) / Under 100.5 yards (-130)

In this example, if you bet $100 on the over and Henry rushes for more than 100.5 yards, then you would win $110 — meaning your total payout would be $210. If you decided to bet $100 on the under, and Henry goes for less than 100.5 yards in the game, then you’ll win roughly $76.92 for a total $176.92 payout.

Super Bowl 57 had plenty of different prop bets. Photo credit: rarrarorro / Shutterstock.com

Super Bowl 57 prop bets

If you want some examples of prop bets that recently happened during Super Bowl 57, here are a few:

  • Jalen Hurts over 1.5 passing touchdowns (+106) at BetRivers
  • Patrick Mahomes over 17.5 rushing yards (-115) at BetRivers
  • Kenneth Gainwell over 11.5 receiving yards (-103) at Caesars Sportsbook
  • Kadarius Toney over 34.5 rushing & receiving yards (-115) at DraftKings Sportsbook

What about special event props?

Special event prop bets aren’t as common as player and team or game props, but they do happen on occasion during high-profile games like the Super Bowl. Some of the more unique special event prop bets that have occurred for the Super Bowl include betting on the coin toss results, halftime show performance, and even the color of the Gatorade shower.

Are prop bets more difficult to predict than traditional bets?

Typically, prop bets are more challenging to predict than traditional bets since they tend to be a very specific sequence of events or in-game performances by a particular player. But like traditional bets, staying informed and doing your research will help you make better decisions when it’s time to put down your wager.

Can I combine multiple prop bets into a single wager?

It is possible at certain sportsbooks to combine multiple prop bets into a parlay. But typically that means all your bets must be correct in order to win. Obviously, that increases the risk since all your bets will be combined and that makes it much more difficult for you to win. So always proceed with caution if you’re looking to combine multiple prop bets into a single wager.

Are there any restrictions on placing prop bets?

The answer to this question depends on the sportsbook you are using. Each sportsbook typically has its own rules and restrictions on prop bets. You may run into betting limits or specific prop bet offerings, so make sure you shop around at all the popular sportsbooks.

Where can I find NFL prop bets?

Nearly every reputable sportsbook will offer a wide range of NFL prop bets, but mainly during the regular season and playoffs. We recommend signing up to multiple online sportsbooks so you’re able to compare odds and find the best opportunities for prop bets.

Can I place live prop bets during a game?

Certain sportsbooks will give you the opportunity to place live or in-play betting so you can place prop bets during a game. Just remember, live betting odds will change quickly based on what’s happening in the game, so you’ll want to be quick and decisive if you’re placing live prop bets.

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