Bears give up no. 1 overall pick in 2023 NFL draft


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It’s still a few weeks away, but the 2023 NFL draft is already making a big buzz. Ryan Poles, the Bears general manager, had hinted to reporters at the combine that the organization was likely to give up that number-one pick. They’d only do that with a good return and it looks like they’re getting a pretty good return.

They are getting a bevy of picks in this year’s draft all from Carolina, and some follow-up picks in 2024 and 2025. They’re dropping 8 spots to the no. 9 pick in the first round and the no. 61 in the second round. For 2024 they get a first-round choice and a second-round pick for 2025.

It’s not just picks that make this deal of course, as the Bears land one of the best wide receivers in the league in D.J. Moore. The combination of the 4 picks and Moore for the no. 1 overall pick likely makes this the top trade for the 2023 NFL draft.

The Chicago Bears end up with 9 picks this year:

  • Round 1-9 (from Panthers)
  • Round 2-53 (from Ravens)
  • Round 2-61 (from Panthers)
  • Round 3-64
  • Round 4-103
  • Round 4-133 (from Eagles)
  • Round 5-136
  • Round 5-148 (from Ravens)
  • Round 7-218
  • Round 7-258 (supplemental selection)

At this combine, Poles let everyone know that he felt trading down from no. 1 would be the best thing for the Bears organization.

“We need a lot, and that gives us more opportunity to bring in more players,” he said at the time. “It’s a good situation to be in for where our club is … In a vacuum, moving back gives you more opportunities to hit more players and continue to add to the core of this team.”

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