Anthony Richardson sets QB combine records in vertical, broad jump events


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The 2023 NFL Combine concluded with Anthony Richardson, the QB prospect from the University of Florida, stealing the show with his exceptional athleticism. Richardson shattered two combine records in the vertical and broad jump categories.

In the vertical jump category, Richardson surpassed the previous record of 40 inches set by Josh Portis in 2011 by soaring to an impressive 40.5 inches. Scouts and coaches use the vertical jump as a crucial metric to assess a player’s lower body explosiveness. This is crucial for various positions, including quarterbacks who need to deliver an accurate throw with power.

Richardson’s fantastic jump showcases his extraordinary athleticism and extensive training. He is well-known for his speed and agility on the field, and this record-breaking performance only bolsters his reputation as a talented athlete.

But Richardson’s impressive display didn’t stop there. He also set a new record in the broad jump category by leaping an astonishing 10 feet and 9 inches. That effort surpassed the previous record of 10 feet and 7 inches held by Brad Smith. The broad jump assesses a player’s ability to explode from a stationary position, simulating the movement required to catch a pass or make a tackle in a game situation.

Richardson’s outstanding performance at the combine has undoubtedly boosted his draft stock and brought him to the attention of many NFL teams seeking a quarterback with the potential to change the game. His athleticism and physical attributes make him an attractive prospect, and his performance at the combine will undoubtedly spark discussions in the coming weeks.

The 2023 NFL combine is a platform for some of the most talented college players in the country, and Anthony Richardson’s performance was undoubtedly one of the standout moments of this year’s event. As the NFL Draft approaches, it will be fascinating to see which team takes a chance on this dynamic quarterback and the impact he will have on the league in the years to come.

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